Dear Students,
A new academic year welcomes you all to a dynamic and challenging
educational experience. Together we will build a concrete basis by 
experimenting and investing our knowledge to expand our horizon and
empower our future.

Looking forward towards a bright future would be the key that will boost
and energize your true potential. Hence, your worries and self-doubts 
of the upcoming events will diminish and fade away with your awareness
of choices. I commend you to arm yourselves with a heart full of endless
hope, a mind secured with trust and confidence, and eyes to see the route
of a successful future.

At Makassed KSPS, we will dive into a new beginning, and together,
we will get in a new journey full of creativity, exploration, and imagination.
This journey will transcend your school learning to nurture and foster your
global thinking and experiences.

As Khalil Jebran said, "Education saws not seeds in you, but makes your seeds

Rana Sabbidine Osta