Admission Process

New applicants can collect the Application Form from the admission office. Students in Primary will sit for entrance exams; whereas, interviews with preschool students and parents are conducted.

Parents will be informed of the acceptance of the student by the School, whereupon a place will be reserved for the student. All acceptances are conditional, pending settlement of school fees, a complete examination of the student’s official school records, interview with administration and any necessary further testing.

KSPS College reserves the privilege to refuse admission to any student who has been dismissed from another school for academic failure, misconduct, or any other reason.

Applications will be evaluated and decision taken, regarding admission only after all of the documents listed below have been received.

1. Completed and Signed Application Form.

2. Two Passport Photos / two photos (Preschool students)

3. Complete Official Report Cards certified by the Ministry of Education (last two years only for students applying to grades 1 and up).

4. International Student must bring transcripts / records certified by their local  Lebanese embassy / consulate.

5. Copy of the Student’s Passport or National Identification Card (a Birth Certificate is acceptable for Nursery / Kindergarten age children.

6. Completed Health Record Form and accompanying documentation.